Anne Roze


Founder of Yummy Times Group AND BE SEEDSATIONAL

“Implement and exercise sustainable lifestyles to live well for longer” - Anne Roze

My name is Anne Roze and I am the CEO of  Be SEEDsational.

My passion for art,chemistry, technology, and food production began at the Art school of Tolstoy Scientist House in Odessa, culminating with my formal qualifications in engineering and food technology undertaken at the Ukrainian University, a diploma finally completed at UTS in Australia, followed by further studies in Marketing and Philosophy at Sydney University. 

I worked in qualitative and quantitative  research with a focus on brand and new product developments, business analysis, logistics, consumer trends, innovations and food industries where I created partnerships with multiple FMCG brands including, but not limited to: Sanitarium, Kellogg’s, Arnott’s, and Nestlé Australia. With this experience under my belt, I became a founding member of the Australian chapter of the International Qualitative Research Association, which led to opportunities to speak at many local and international conferences.

With my research and participation in partnerships with these FMCG brands, I realised the issue of reduced wellbeing and sustainability in society. Furthermore, I always believed in ongoing education and never giving up on my dreams no matter what. I've learnt from Nelson Mandela - " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I was so desperate to utilise my personal experiences by losing my grandmother to malnutrition at 57 years old shortly after the 2nd World War. Seeing a global increase in obesity all around the world (with WHO stating that 41 million children under 5 are currently obese), instilling pure eating habits and creating an understanding about seasonal eating & living benefits to maintain healthy soil and save our environment was imperative.

This led to the creation of theBe SEEDsational campaign and social enterprise.

Be SEEDsational Campaign

This campaign targets children, families and educators,  getting younger generations to pass on what they’ve learnt to older generations. By doing so, I can help people from all walks of life get involved in the health movement while ensuring the next generation is ready to care for their own wellbeing and our planet’s.

The aim of the Be SEEDsational Campaign was clear, however I knew that I needed a way in which I could connect on a deeper level with my intended audience.

Enter: the Seasonal Warriors


The Seasonal Warriors

The ‘Seasonal Warriors’ book series, which is a multilingual publication aiming to provide accessible education to children and families about the benefits of healthier eating and eating food that is in season, allowed me to spread positive messages towards children while giving them the freedom to share that with their families. Through this, I hope to act on my research into the food industry and motivate people to become healthier and happier.

Be SEEDsational also encourages and facilitates businesses across a range of industries, to address both local health outcomes for Australians, and global issues such as food availability, sustainability, and food wastage.

My commitment to contributing to society drives Be SEEDsational’s involvement with charities and community work. We visit schools, donate to charities, including The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, sponsor shopping centre activities and support a range of cultural events.

In addition to Be SEEDsational, I assess, train and mentor businesses large and small, supporting their growth and helping them make success of new and innovative business concepts. With more than 26 years of business experience, particularly in engineering, market research, marketing, brand management and business development, I find mentoring to be very rewarding. I enjoy empowering others and watching both individuals and businesses flourish.

Seasonal Warriors™ as a part of the Be SEEDsational™ Campaign

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